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Track Team Scores Well at State Finals
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Monday, May 21, 2018
Track & Field
Track & Field

The Wildcats that made it to the state meet this weekend did not disappoint. In fact, a few of them broke team records, got their personal best of the season, and/or finished better than they were ranked going into the meet. Please congratulate these individuals today for representing our school at this meet and for the many accomplishments they made throughout the season.


      Name                            Place         Distance Event

  1. Amya                         6th           35' 3.5" Triple Jump

  2. Taylor                      15th           88' Discus

  3. Tyrese                        7th          21' 2" Long Jump

  4. Donavan                   13th           8' Pole vault

  5. Jordan                        6th        128' 11" Discus

  6. Christian                    15th           Pole Vault

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