Lauren Overman


Welcome Back!

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Wed Sep 23 02:35 PM

Welcome to ERHS!!

My name is Lauren Osborne Overman. I am the Career Development Coordinator. I am entering my fourth year back at ERHS and my 18th year in Education. I have now been at ERHS for a total of 13 of my 18 years in Education. I am originally from Staley, North Carolina and I am a proud graduate of ERHS! I am married to my wonderful husband Jason and we have two children (Savanna 2 and Will 14). 

I am very excited to get the opportunity to work with our students on Career Development. I will be meeting with all of our students throughout the school year either face-to-face or virtually to create 4-year plans, career goals, discuss career opportunities such as Apprenticeship Randolph, and other activities. 


Career Development Coordinator

336-824-2351 (ext. 187)

ERHS CTE Pathways

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

  • Animal Science Career Pathway
  • Plant Systems Career Pathway
  • Power, Structural, & Technical Systems Career Pathway

Architecture & Construction

  • Carpentry Career Pathway
  • Masonry Career Pathway

Business Management & Administration

  • Entrepreneurship Career Pathway
  • General Management Career Pathway

Human Services

  • Early Childhood Development & Services Career Pathway
  • Food & Nutrition Career Pathway


  • Metal Manufacturing Career Pathway

Providing Career Development services to all students.