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Student Parking Permit

Eastern Randolph High School
2019-2020 Student Parking Agreement

1. For a student to be issued a parking hanger and retain parking privileges, (1) all school fees must be paid, (2) the student must abide by school rules as well as the stipulations outlined in this Parking Agreement.
2. The ERHS administration reserves the right to impose consequences up to and including the revocation of parking privileges when students fail to abide by school rules and the stipulations of the Parking Agreement.
3. Parking hangers are not transferable between students.
4. The campus speed limit is 10 MPH. "Pealing-off", squealing tires, loud engine noises, and music that can be heard outside the vehicle are not permitted.
5. All staff instructions, verbal and written, should be acknowledged and followed immediately. Noncompliance or insubordination will result in consequences up to and including the revocation of parking privileges.
6. Students park on campus at their own risk. The school assumes no liability for accidents or damages to vehicles, including but not limited to damages caused by vandalism, theft, parking lot conditions, or driver error.
7. Each driver must register his/her vehicle. If the student parks a vehicle on campus other than his/her registered vehicle, the student must inform the school office before or on the day of the change.
8. A valid parking hanger must be displayed from the rear view mirror with the tag number facing out the windshield. Lost parking hangers must be reported immediately. A $10.00 replacement fee will be assessed for a new hanger. Always keep your vehicle closed and locked.
9. Randolph County School Board Policy mandates a $25.00 parking fee. A student parking on campus for only one semester will pay $12.50. Upon completion of the semester, the student will return their hanger to the office. An approved Waiver of School Fees does not necessarily apply to the parking fee.
10. Upon arrival to campus, students are expected to secure their vehicles and come directly to the school building. Waiting on others to arrive is not a legitimate reason for remaining in the parking lot. Sitting in, on or around vehicles is not permitted. At the end of the student's instructional day, he/she is asked to leave campus promptly.
11. If a student has a need to go to his/her vehicle during the instructional day, the student must obtain permission in the front office, secure a pass, and return the pass following the errand. Students in the parking lot without permission will be considered, "skipping class" and/or "out of area".
12. Careless and reckless driving will not be tolerated. Consequences may be imposed by school officials, the Randolph County Sheriff's Department and the NC Highway Patrol.
13. Leaving campus during the student's instructional day without parent and school permission is not allowed. If a student has reason to leave campus, he/she must check out in the Attendance Office.
14. The school reserves the right to contact parents/guardians with concerns regarding a student driver's safety, behavior or attitude.
15. Randolph County School Board Policy authorizes the towing of vehicles at the owner's expense when vehicles are not registered with the school and/or a vehicle is parked in an undesignated or unauthorized area.
16. No student vehicles may remain parked overnight without permission obtained from the school office. Violators may be towed at the owner's expense.
17. The following guidelines will be used when assessing consequences for parking violations: 1st violation- warning, 2nd violation- $10.00 fine, 3rd violation- $10.00 fine, subsequent violations may result in the revocation of parking privileges. The school administration reserves the right to assess additional consequences and consequences outside of this sequence when deemed necessary.
18. The principal retains final authority on all appeals made by student and/or parents related to matters pertaining to student parking.


Student Parking Permit Registration Form